News Release headerHealth Unit Receives Donation from IODE to Help Families Afford Milk


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Perth County  ̶   The Perth District Health Unit recently received a $1,000 donation from the Festival Jubilee Chapter IODE (Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire). The donation will help provide continued nutrition support for pregnant women and young families in Perth County. The money is used to purchase milk coupons that local families can use to buy bagged milk.

“Receiving continued funding from the Festival Jubilee Chapter IODE assists the Health Unit to maintain this vital program, which provides greater access to nutritious food, eases financial challenges for families, and supports healthy growth and development in children,” says Heather Kane, Public Health Nurse.

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Picture of two women, one presenting a cheque to the other one

Cheryl Cunningham of the Stratford Festival Jubilee IODE (right) presents the donation to Heather Kane, Public Health Nurse at the Perth District Health Unit.