The Board of Health (the Board) is responsible for the provision of public health programs and for meeting the requirements of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. The Board is accountable to the community for ensuring that its health needs are addressed by appropriate programs and that the Health Unit is well managed.

The Board meets at the Stratford office at 9:30 am on the third Wednesday of each month except for November, which will be the fourth Wednesday. One or both summer meetings (July and August) may be omitted if the Board so desires.

Message from the Board of Health Chair
Photo of Teresa Barresi, Chair of the Board of Health

Teresa Barresi, Board of Health Chair

Partnering with you and your family to help you make healthy choices.

How often in your week are you exposed to yet another claim that proposes to prevent or fix a health concern? Or information you used to guide your health decisions in the past now comes into question leaving you with some confusion? It can be difficult to source the correct health information.

The Perth District Health Unit is a trusted and committed partner in helping you make informed health decisions for yourself and your family. As outlined in the Strategic Plan 2012 to 2015, the mission of the Perth District Health Unit is: “To work in partnership with our community to foster conditions in which people can be healthy. We promote health, protect health, prevent disease and provide community health services for the people of Perth County.”

From birth to the senior years of life, the Health Unit provides information, services and programs to promote and maintain wellness. The well-trained, competent staff are part of a larger, well-functioning public health system in Ontario, which has contributed to improved health for everyone.

Emphasis on promoting physical activity, immunization, healthy eating, tobacco-free living, and injury prevention are just a few of the many programs the Health Unit works diligently to deliver.

As a provincial representative and Chair of the Board of Health, along with my fellow colleagues on the Board, it is our responsibility under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to ensure the delivery of quality public health programs to every person who resides in Perth County.

It is a privilege to be part of a dedicated Board membership, who is committed to overseeing the delivery of public health programs. The many achievements of the Perth District Health Unit, recognized locally and provincially, are made possible by the many talents of the staff and volunteers. The positive working relationships the Health Unit generates with the local municipalities, school boards, provincial bodies and other community partners, only helps to benefit the health of its local citizens.

In your search for information to keep you and your family healthy, start with the Perth District Health Unit. Get to know us! I invite you to look at the programs and services we offer and let us be a partner in your health, and the health of your family.

Best Regards,

Teresa Barresi
Chair, Board of Health

2018 Board of Health Members


Teresa Barresi, Provincial Representative

Vice Chair

Bob (Robert) Wilhelm, Mayor, Perth South


  • Helen Dowd, Councillor, Perth East
  • Bonnie Henderson, Councillor, Stratford
  • Anna Michener, Provincial Representative
  • Bill Osborne, Councillor, St. Marys
  • Paul Robinson, Provincial Representative, St. Marys
  • Kathy Vassilakos, Councillor, Stratford


Julie Pauli, Business Administrator, Perth District Health Unit