Message from Dr. Miriam Klassen, Medical Officer of Health

The mission of the Perth District Health Unit is to work in partnership with our community to foster conditions in which people can be healthy. We promote health, protect health, and prevent disease by providing community health services and programs for all the people of Perth County.

Dr. Miriam Klassen, Medical Officer of HealthWhat do we do?

Promote healthy lifestyle choices

  • Healthy eating (nutrition programs)
  • Parenting (drop-in services, education programs and home visits)
  • Physical activity (tips and resources for all ages)
  • Pregnancy (education classes and resource packages)
  • Stop smoking help (one-on-one counselling)

Prevent disease and injuries

  • Alcohol and substance misuse prevention (education and community awareness)
  • Road safety education and prevention (car seat education clinics, bike safety and the promotion of road safety campaigns)
  • Cancer prevention (promotion of screening programs, sun safety, no smoking and physical activity)
  • Child safety (education about how to protect children and prevent injuries)
  • Immunization (encouragement of immunization against preventable disease and hosting of clinics)
  • West Nile Virus monitoring (prevention activities and public education)

Protect you and your family

  • Communicable disease investigations and outbreak control (to further stop the spread)
  • Food safety (monitoring of health standards and education by Public Health Inspectors)
  • Public Health emergency response (response to any emergency that affects public health and safety)
  • Rabies investigations (animal bite follow-up and promotion of rabies vaccination)
  • Safe drinking water measures (free bacterial water tests for Perth residents on private wells)
  • School-based programs (education and resources for teachers and parents, and counselling for students)
  • Smoke-free public places and workplaces (Enforcement of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act)

We have a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, and as we move forward, we intend to focus on age over the lifespan, ensuring equal access to information and services to all ages from infants to seniors.

I am proud to be part of a strong team of professionals and I am confident that the Perth District Health Unit will continue to progress as a centre of excellence and leadership in public health.

I hope that you find this website helpful and that you learn more about the services we provide and how they can be easily accessed.

From all of us at the Perth District Health Unit, I wish you good health!

Dr. Miriam Klassen, Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Public Health (MPH)
Medical Officer of Health