What is a Coordinator of Volunteer Services?

The Coordinator of Volunteer Services works with Perth District Health Unit staff to identify potential roles for volunteers, recruits and screens applicants (interview, check references, facilitate police checks), and matches volunteers to available positions. The Coordinator also ensures that volunteers are properly trained, supported and recognized for their efforts to support the Health Unit’s mission.

What do you need to become a Coordinator of Volunteer Services?

The Perth District Health Unit requires minimum Grade 12 education, with post-secondary education an asset. Previous personal experience in the volunteer field is required and a Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources certification is beneficial.

In what program areas does the Coordinator of Volunteer Services work?

Volunteers are engaged in a wide range of public health programs and services, and specific roles change as program needs evolve. Volunteers serve in school-based youth programs; assist with community clinics and information delivery; and provide behind-the-scenes program support.

What is the best part about being a Coordinator of Volunteer Services?

The best part is meeting interesting, talented volunteers from all walks of life who are seeking an opportunity to share their skills and contribute to their community!

What is the most challenging part about being a Coordinator of Volunteer Services?

It is challenging to balance the interests and availability of volunteers with identified program needs and to retain volunteers for seasonal or episodic opportunities. It is helpful to stay current on trends and best practices in volunteer engagement and to network with colleagues in related organizations.

Thinking about becoming a Coordinator of Volunteer Services?

As a Coordinator of Volunteer Services you have the opportunity to bring committed staff and volunteers together to help further the mission of an organization. Good communication skills along with a positive, flexible and enthusiastic approach will be appreciated.