In addition to General and Operational Requirements

Before the Service:

  • Inspect the skin. Do not treat inflamed or infected skin or skin with a rash.
  • Needles required for the electrolysis service are to remain in the sterile package until use.
  • Approved sharps containers must be located in the area that the sharps item is used.

Remember: You do not have to see blood or body fluids on instruments for an infection to occur.


  • Single-use, disposable sterile needles must be used and discarded in an approved sharps container immediately after use.
  • Some instruments such as tweezers used for digging out in-grown hairs, are required to be sterile prior to use. These reusable items must be cleaned and then sterilized by an acceptable method.
  • To expose in-grown hairs, single-use sterile needles and lancets can be used.
  • All reusable equipment and instruments used to hold sterile items, such as tweezers used to install sterile needle into holder, removable cap or tip of epilator needle probe holder, must be cleaned and then high level disinfected between clients.
  • All reusable equipment and instruments, such as tweezers pull out hair, scissors used to cut hair, must be cleaned and then disinfected (intermediate to high level) between clients.
  • Equipment and instruments that cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected between clients are single-use, such as cotton balls, swabs, dental lip rolls, leftover paper towels, wooden applicators, needle and needle holder tip combination units.
  • Reusable equipment and instruments used in laser hair removal must be cleaned, then disinfected or sterilized depending on use. Single-use items such as plastic guides must be disposed after use.
  • Equipment surfaces, such as control unit, magnifying lamp or light source, clip cord, touched by the practitioner during the procedure shall be cleaned and low level disinfected (clip cord – intermediate) after each client. Alternatively, single-use plastic can be used to cover the surface and discarded after each client and then the surface must be cleaned and low-level disinfected at the end of the day.


  • Provide an approved sterilizer or pre-packaged, sterile items
  • If pre-packaged, sterile items are provided, records of all information are required on-site for tracking purposes, such as proof of sterility, name of company that sterilizes the needles, lot numbers, invoices and receipts. Any sterile items without records may be seized by the Public Health Inspector at time of inspection.

Source: Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Services Settings, January 2009

January 2013