In addition to General and Operational Requirements

Before the Service:

  • Inspect the skin. Do not treat inflamed or infected skin or skin with a rash.

Remember: You do not have to see blood or body fluids on instruments for an infection to occur.


  • All products such as wax, sugar, and thread must be dispensed in a manner that does not contaminate the remaining portion. These products cannot be re-used.
  • Individual cartridges used to roll wax onto the skin must be discarded after each client, or can be sent home with that client.
  • Some reusable equipment and instruments must be cleaned and then disinfected (low to high level) between clients:
    • tweezers, reusable roller heads – intermediate to high level
    • chairs, tables, headrests – low level (high level if surfaces contaminated with blood and body fluids)
  • Equipment and instruments that cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected between clients are single-use such as wooden applicators, cotton balls, swabs, muslin cloths, tissues, thread.
  • Equipment surfaces such as control unit, magnifying lamp and light source, and clip cord, touched by the practitioner during the procedure shall be cleaned and low level disinfected (clip cord – intermediate) after each client. Alternatively, single-use plastic can be used to cover the surface and discarded after each client and then the surface must be cleaned and low-level disinfected at the end of the day.
  • All clean items, instruments and equipment must be stored in a sanitary manner such as covered containers, and covered wax when not in use.

Source: Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Services Settings, January 2009

January 2013