In addition to General and Operational Requirements

Before the Service:

  • Client’s hair and scalp must be examined for open sores and signs of head lice.
  • If head lice is observed, do not provide service and suggest they advise the client to come back after treatment and head lice is gone.
  • If open sores are observed, do not provide service. Advise the client to seek medical attention.

Remember: You do not have to see blood or body fluids on instruments for an infection to occur.


  • All reusable equipment and instruments such as combs, brushes, clips, curlers, capes and gowns, must be cleaned and then disinfected (low to high level depending on use) between clients.
  • Clippers and trimmers and edgers, scissors are non-critical items. However, if the blades nick the skin, these become semi-critical items and must be cleaned and then disinfected with an intermediate to high level disinfectant.
  • “Crochet hooks” used for cap highlights must be cleaned and then disinfected with an intermediate to high level disinfectant.
  • Handles and cradles that hold blades (for shaving skin) in place must be cleaned and then disinfected with an intermediate to high level disinfectant.
  • Handles and cradles that hold blades (for cutting hair) require no processing and blades may be reused for cutting hair.
  • To encourage proper cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing of combs and brushes, the disinfectant solution should be placed next to a sink.
  • Equipment and instruments that cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected between clients are single-use such as foil, and paper.
  • Any blades used for shaving skin must be single-use and discarded in an approved sharps container immediately after use.
  • The handles and cradles of razors such as feathering or texturizing blades, when used for only cutting hair, require no processing between clients and the blades can be reused.
  • Discard all blades and needles immediately after use in an approved sharps container.
  • Approved sharps containers must be located in the area that the sharps item is used.
  • Straight razors with fixed blades must be cleaned and sterilized. An approved sterilizer must be on site and follow all sterilizer monitoring procedures.

Source: Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Services Settings, January 2009

January 2013