Water Quality at Beaches

Perth County Beaches

The Perth District Health Unit monitors all public beaches in Perth County by testing the water for unsafe bacteria. Conditions can change due to heavy rain, spills, sewers, and birds that live near the beach.

Beaches are “posted” when levels of E. coli bacteria exceed the Ministry of Health guidelines. A “posting” is a recommendation that you shouldn’t swim, or if you do swim, you’re doing so at your own risk. If you swim, you could be exposed to bacteria that may cause diarrhea or infections of your ears, nose, throat, eyes, and skin.

At the beach, you might see a sign warning you to stay out of the water. Besides E. coli, signs can be posted for algae, chemical or sewage spills, or other factors.

Monitored Beaches in Perth County

Quality of beaches in Perth County
Public BeachStatusDate Posted Unsafe
Hidden Acres Mennonite CampOpen
St. Marys QuarryOpen
Wildwood Lake Beach AreaClosedBlue Green Algae bloom
Woodland Lake BeachOpen

Beaches Outside of Perth County

If you’re heading to the beach, click on the links below for up-to-date water quality information at area beaches: