Baby and child equipment is often recycled among family and friends and is frequently sold in second-hand stores or at garage sales. Though these are great opportunities to find a bargain, some equipment is not safe to use for your child. The money that you save is not worth putting your child at risk of injury or death!

The Hazardous Products Act administered by Health Canada, ensures safety requirements for certain consumer products, many of which are intended for use by children. Under the law, you cannot import, sell or even give away products that do not meet the requirements of the Hazardous Products Act.

If you sell or give away a product that does not meet safety standards, you can be held liable for any injury or death that results from the equipment or products. It is important to only sell or pass on items that are in good condition. Damaged articles should be discarded.

Always check for recall notices on any children’s product that you sell, buy or give away. Products may be recalled if something is found to be dangerous about the product or simply if something is missing from the packaging. If a product has been recalled, follow the instructions of the manufacturer to either repair or destroy the product.

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