Give Your Mouth a Sporting Chance… Wear a Mouth guard!

Protective gear like helmets and pads for your knees shins or elbows all protect against injury during contact sports. Unfortunately, teeth are often forgotten. Wearing a mouthguard will reduce injuries to lips, teeth and jaws. By absorbing the blow, mouthguards can also prevent more serious problems like concussions, neck injuries and cerebral hemorrhages.

Almost one-third of all dental injuries happen during sports. While many injuries occur in more violent sports like football, hockey and boxing, any sports-related activity can cause mouth injury. Dental professionals recommend wearing a mouthguard when playing basketball, baseball, hockey, wrestling, soccer, rugby, in-line skating, cycling and martial arts.

Dental injuries in children may cause permanent tooth damage. If your children are active in sports or recreational activities, consider having a mouthguard made to protect their teeth.

Mouthguards vary in cost, comfort and amount of protection. Because children grow, mouth guards may need to be replaced regularly as baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth erupt.

Three types of mouth guards are available

1. Custom Fitted Mouthguard:

  • Are made by a dentist
  • Are the best for fit and comfort
  • Provides the most protection
  • Are the most expensive

2. “Boil and Bite” Mouthguard:

  • Are available at a sports store or pharmacy
  • Vary in fit
  • These are more affordable than custom fitted mouthguards

3. Stock Mouthguard:

  • Are available at a sports store or pharmacy
  • Have an uncomfortable fit – cannot change shape
  • Offers the least amount of protection
  • Are the most affordable

Think about your smile – talk to your dentist about mouth protection.