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My Quit Moment advertisement of a woman sitting in her walker with an oxygen tank beside her.Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in North America. It causes harm to your body with the very first puff. The good news is, the sooner you quit, the sooner your body will start healing; Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do for your health!

We also know that quitting smoking can be hard. Many people think about quitting smoking often and try quitting many times. When people do quit successfully there is often a key moment when they make the decision that “this is my quit moment.”

Below are true stories from local residents who had their “quit moment” and decided it was time to quit smoking. Please follow @MyQuitMoment on twitter for story highlights, to link to quit stories, and to access quit smoking support.

My Quit Moment iconBetty, Monkton, Age 64
"I knew if I kept smoking I wouldn't be around much longer".
My Quit Moment iconAllie, Stratford, Age 38
"I realized that smoking was taking over every part of my life."
My Quit Moment iconJill, Bayfield, Age 63
"I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease."
My Quit Moment iconElizabeth, Stratford, Age 37
"I had kids with tears in their eyes begging me to quit so I don't die."
My Quit Moment iconJoanne, West Perth, Age 53
"The doctors and nurses did their best to keep me alive so it was the least I could do to help myself".
My Quit Moment iconShar, Stratford, Age 46
"I had been starting to dislike everything about smoking: the smell, the taste and definitely the cost".
My Quit Moment iconJudy, Dashwood, Age 55
"I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney and liver disease. I knew I had to quit to be eligible to be listed for a multi-organ transplant."

The My Quit Moment submissions reflect the personal stories of the individual contributors. The Perth District Health Unit does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. Therefore, mention of commercial products, processes, or services cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.

When you decide you are ready stop smoking, there are many supports available for Perth County residents. Our Quitting Smoking webpage provides more information on local services to help you quit, including free nicotine replacement therapy, quit kits and other self-help resources.