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Health Unit Receives Donation from On Stage Dance Studio to Help Fund the Elements Program



Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Perth County  ̶   The Perth District Health Unit recently received a $1,000 donation from Meghan Seaman, Owner and Artistic Director of the On Stage Dance Studio in Stratford. The donation will help continue to provide support for the Elements program, a mentorship program that encourages healthy behaviours and lifestyle choices among male youth in Perth County.

The money is used to purchase program supplies for volunteer-lead activities, along with healthy snack options and prizes.

“Receiving continued funding from the On Stage Dance Studio enables the Health Unit to maintain this important program, and to support grade 5 and 6 boys develop resilience and learn to bounce back from life’s challenges,” says Karen Trussler, Public Health Nurse.

Meghan Seaman of On Stage Dance Studio (left) presents the donation to Karen Trussler, Public Health Nurse at the Perth District Health Unit.


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