Interactive educational sessions are available on a variety of health topics. Sessions can be half hour to one hour in length and offered at lunch or during the work day. A minimum of ten people is requested.

To request an education or lunch and learn session, please complete the 2018 Menu of Services.

The following are the current presentations that we offer:

Alcohol and Substance Use

Alcohol and your health – Knowing your boundaries, setting your limits   

This presentation can be tailored to your specific audience, needs or questions. Some commonly addressed issues include the impact of alcohol use on health, what it means to drink “moderately”, how to balance enjoyment with risk, and creating a supportive workplace environment.

Healthy Eating

General healthy eating

We will take a quick look at Canada’s Food Guide before we progress through a series of questions designed to generate a conversation around some common healthy eating questions. Topics such as: what makes a good breakfast cereal, what does a serving size look like, and how to choose a healthy snack are all part of the discussion.

Menu planning

This presentation focuses on easy menu planning. Topics include: cooking for the freezer, how to incorporate leftovers, quick and easy recipes, and fast ingredients and online planning tools. Combining all these ideas will make your menu planning task quick, easy and nutritious.

Label reading

A look at the “how-to” on label reading. We will discuss how to identify healthy foods, what to look for when reading a label and practice our new skills on an array of real food labels. Bring your questions to explore the language of label reading.

Cooking on a budget

Tips on navigating the grocery store, bulk cooking techniques and growing your own food will help you keep within your food budget.

Virtual grocery store tour

Think it’s time for a grocery cart makeover? We will talk about using nutrition labels to make better food choices, adding more colour to your cart, and discuss tips on how to navigate the store to your healthy advantage!

Healthy Lifestyles

What’s on your healthy lifestyle checklist?

This interactive presentation leads participants through health topics and gives them practical tips on changing their behaviour.

Physical Activity

General physical activity

Learn about the benefits and types of physical activity, as well as how much activity is needed to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. This presentation will also include practical strategies to build physical activity into daily life routines.

Smoking Cessation

Practical tips and strategies for quitting smoking and information on pharmaceutical options and costs

As part of this presentation, participants will enhance their motivation to quit smoking, and learn new information about tobacco and the impact on their health. Tools and strategies for quitting smoking reducing and staying smoke-free will be discussed. Also included, an overview of quit aids, where services can be accessed in Perth County, and information about local or provincial contests or programs.