The Board of Health (the Board) is responsible for the provision of public health programs and for meeting the requirements of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. The Board is accountable to the community for ensuring that its health needs are addressed by appropriate programs and that the Health Unit is well managed.

The Board meets at the Stratford office at 9:30 am on the third Wednesday of each month except for November, which will be the fourth Wednesday. One or both summer meetings (July and August) may be omitted if the Board so desires.

Message from the 2019 Board of Health Chair

Public Health in our Community 

Picture of board of health chair kathy vassilakosOver the last 5 years, I have had the privilege to represent the citizens of Stratford on the Board of Health for the Perth District Health Unit. The importance of a public institution within our community that is dedicated to providing clear, evidence-based information on health cannot be over-stated. On a daily basis we are inundated with health information from a myriad of sources and it is often impossible to tell fact from fiction. The Perth District Health Unit is here to work with our community partners to provide the information you need to keep your family safe and healthy.

In practice, the goal and mission of the Perth District Health Unit are achieved through provision of programs and services that include: promoting physical activity, immunization, healthy eating, tobacco-free living, sexual health, harm reduction, injury prevention, mental health and wellness, food safety and mother and child health, among many others. I encourage you to explore the website and find out more about how your health unit meets its obligations to the Health Protection and Promotion Act and its responsibilities to support the health of our community.

The work of the Perth District Health Unit is overseen by a Board that is committed to quality public health programs. These public health programs would not be possible without our dedicated staff and volunteers and without collaboration with local municipalities, school boards, provincial bodies and community partners.

This is a time of transition for public health and for the Perth District Health Unit in particular.  In the immediate future, new provincially mandated public health standards are being implemented and a merger between the Huron County Health Unit and the Perth District Health Unit is in progress.  Looking longer term, evidence grows for incorporating social determinants of health into public policy. Health units will continue to provide evidence-based information that supports the creation of sound policies around this emerging understanding of long-term health.

The Perth District Health Unit is committed to providing accessible and high quality services and programs to everyone in our community. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm Regards,

Kathy Vassilakos

2019 Board of Health Members


Kathy Vassilakos, Councillor, Stratford

Vice Chair

Robert (Bob) Wilhelm, Mayor, Perth South


  • Bonnie Henderson, Councillor, Stratford
  • Daryl Herlick, Councillor, Perth East
  • Todd Kasenberg, Mayor, North Perth
  • Margaret Luna, Councillor, St. Marys
  • Anna Michener, Provincial Representative
  • Paul Robinson, Provincial Representative


Julie Pauli, Business Administrator, Perth District Health Unit