The 2017 to 2018 strategic plan outlines how the Perth District Health Unit will align its activities for the next two years with its goal to achieve the greatest level of health for the people of Perth County:

Cover of the Strategic Plan 2017 to 2018Strategic Directions

  1. Advocate for public health
    • Increase the profile of the Perth District Health Unit in targeted ways
    • Continue to strengthen relationships with stakeholders and partners
  2. Prepare for possible health system changes
    • Support all staff through transition
    • Maintain a healthy and resilient workforce
    • Ensure effective internal and external communications
    • Use evidence-informed decision making
  3. Continue to strengthen focus on social determinants of health and health equity
    • Build internal capacity and awareness
    • Be local champions

If you would like a copy of the Perth District Health Unit Strategic Plan 2017 to 2018, please contact Health Line at 519-271-7600 or toll-free 1-877-271-7348 extension 267.