Are You Prepared? Emergency Preparedness Week Reminds Us to Be Ready!


Friday, May 5, 2017


Perth County ― Emergency preparedness starts with you! May 7-13 is Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada and the Health Unit, along with other local organizations, is reminding residents that it’s important to be prepared. “Emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility” says Dale Lyttle, Senior Public Health Inspector. “Perth County residents need to be prepared to manage on their own for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency.”


Past events like ice storms, flooding and severe weather are reminders that emergencies can strike at any time, Lyttle asks residents to think about how you and your family would manage in an extended power outage, or if there was a flood in your home, or damage to your house and property from a severe storm. Would you be able to get food easily? Would your water supply be interrupted? How would you communicate with family members?


Here are three simple steps to help you better prepare:

  1. Know the Risks – Although the consequences of disasters can be similar, you can be better prepared if you know what risks your community faces, such as floods, severe weather, power outages, extreme temperatures, and environmental incidences (i.e. chemical spills).
  2. Make a Plan – Every household needs an emergency plan so everyone in your family knows what to do if disaster strikes. Don’t forget to include pets and specific information for people with disabilities and special needs. Practice the plan.
  3. Prepare your Kit – Be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. It may take some time for responders to get to you. Basic supplies in the kit should include: a three-day supply of water, food that won’t spoil (i.e. canned food, energy bars), can opener, a flashlight, batteries, battery-powered or wind-up radio, first aid kit, pocket knife, prescription medications, an extra set of keys, and money.

“Preparing for emergency situations will help lessen the impact and stress these events have on everyone” says Lyttle.


The provincial theme for this year’s Emergency Preparedness Week in Ontario is “Emergency Preparedness starts with you, #PrepareYourSelfie!” which focuses on personal preparedness. Share a selfie of your emergency kit or plan on social media and use the #PrepareYourSelfie. Challenge family, friends, and/or colleagues to do so too! Here’s an example:

“Emergencies can strike anywhere, at any time. That’s why I’m prepared. I’ve made a plan and built an emergency preparedness kit. Now, I’m challenging (insert name of those being challenged) to do the same. Emergency preparedness starts with you. #PrepareYourSelfie”


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