The following measures issued by the Medical Officer of Health must be followed during a boil water advisory in order for food premises to remain open.

Note: Boiled water means water that has been kept at a rolling boil for one minute. Do not use water from auto shut-off kettles because they do not boil for at least one minute.

1. Use only commercially “bottled” water when providing water directly to your customers.

2. Use commercially “bottled” water or boiled water for foods such as fruits and vegetables, that need washing.

3. Only use commercially “bottled” water or boiled water as an ingredient in any food product that will be “ready to eat” without cooking such as puddings and jellos.

4. Only make ice with commercially “bottled” water or boiled water. Empty ice machines. Do not use them for the duration of the boil water advisory. Disinfect the lines to the ice machine prior to re-use.

5. Handwashing:

  • use bottled or boiled water, or
  • wash hands normally and then use an alcohol based hand sanitizer available at your local pharmacy (containing more than 60% alcohol).

Emphasize good handwashing for all staff!

6. Commercial dishwashers can be used provided that they are functioning as per the Ontario Food Premises Regulation:

  • Wash Water: 60°Celsius to 71°Celsius
  • Sanitizing Rinse: 82°Celsius for a minimum of 10 seconds or an approved chemical solution.

7. Dishes can be washed by hand using the three compartment sink method provided that they are sanitized by immersion in a clean chlorine solution of 100 parts per million available chlorine, or by any other method as described in the Ontario Food Premises Regulation.

8. Disconnect all soft drink beverage lines connected directly to tap water. Use bottled or canned beverages exclusively. Disinfect lines to soft drink canisters prior to re-use.

9. Grocery and produce stores must turn off all automatic misting machines until the Boil Water Advisory is over. The misting devices must be flushed and disinfected prior to re-use if possible.

10. Post signs, advising not to drink the tap water, at all sinks and all locations staff and the public have access to water.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. If you need to discuss these guidelines, please contact Health Line at 519-271-7600 or toll-free at 1-877-271-7348 extension 267.