What to do after a flood?

After a flood, it’s important to restore your home as soon as possible to protect your health and prevent further damage.

What to Do with Food After a Flood

Any of the following food items exposed to flood waters must be disposed of:

  • the contents of your freezer or refrigerator
  • all meats
  • all fresh fruit and vegetables
  • all boxed foods
  • all bottled drinks and products in jars, including home preserves –  The area under the seal of jars and bottles cannot be adequately disinfected.
  • all medicines, cosmetics and other toilet items.

All undamaged canned goods must be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Any cans with large dents or which show signs of seepage must be destroyed.

All contaminated dishes and utensils must be thoroughly washed or disinfected by using boiling water or by using a disinfecting solution like bleach and water.