Eighteen months is a critical time in your child’s development. Many important milestones have been reached by this age. When your baby is 18 months old, you and your child will have what is called an “enhanced well baby visit” with your family doctor or nurse practitioner.  boy with building blocks

At this visit, you and your child will spend extra time with your healthcare provider to:

  • make sure that your child’s growth and development is on track
  • identify potential concerns early
  • link you and your child to appropriate local services if needed
  • discuss any concerns you may have.

The earlier concerns are identified, the more you can do to help your child reach their full potential!

At your child’s 15 month visit, be sure to ask your doctor about booking your child’s 18-month enhanced visit.

18-Month Growth and Development Checklist

By 18 months, your child should be able to:

  • point to several body parts when asked
  • point to pictures using one finger
  • use at least 20 words consistently
  • demonstrate some pretend play with toys
  • enjoy being read to and sharing simple books with you
  • respond with words or gestures to simple questions
  • show affection for people, pets or toys
  • walk on their own

Some doctors within the Stratford and Star Family Health Teams provide the enhanced 18-month well-baby visit through Wellness Clinic for Tots. Ask your doctor for more details.


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