Adults aren’t the only ones who feel stress. Kids do too. Stress in children can show up in many ways. They may say their tummy hurts or that they don’t feel well. They may seem sad or panicky. Children may have trouble sleeping or difficulty relaxing. They may want to eat more often or they may find it difficult to eat at all.

Some kids become quieter and lose interest in things they usually like to do. They may not want to go to school. Sometimes they have trouble getting along with their family or their friends.

Stressful Things For Kids

Kids say their stress comes from many different things, such as:

  • fighting or arguing among family members
  • not getting along well with siblings
  • parents separating or divorcing
  • being sick or being hurt by somebody
  • moving to a new home or school
  • feeling different from other children
  • being teased or laughed at
  • having trouble with school work
  • being yelled at by family, friends or teachers
  • feeling lonely and unloved
  • the death of a family member or friend
  • never having free time to themselves just to play and relax

Parents Can Help

When your child feels stressed:

  • spend time together. It’s the most important thing that you can do.
  • listen and try to help them work out the problem
  • try to understand how they feel
  • show them that you love them with words, hugs and kisses
  • ask them how they feel and why they think they feel that way
  • suggest that they do something they think is fun to help them settle down

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