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Health Unit Issues Heat Warning for the Upcoming Weekend

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Perth County – The Perth District Health Unit is issuing a heat warning for Perth County for the upcoming weekend. Temperatures and humidex levels are expected to be extreme starting on Saturday, July 14th, and lasting for several days.

The Health Unit issues a heat warning when temperatures are expected to reach a daytime high of 31°Celisus or higher with a minimum daytime low of 20°Celsius or a Humidex of 40 or higher, for two consecutive days.

The Health Unit is reminding people to take care to prevent heat-related illnesses. Extreme heat can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even death. Seniors, infants and young children, and people with chronic illness or who take certain medications are at a greater risk of suffering from heat-related illness.

Staying safe during a heat wave is a community’s responsibility: be sure to check on your family, friends and neighbours whose health may be at risk during a heat warning.

During a heat warning, residents and visitors should:

  • Drink plenty of cool liquids, especially water
  • Avoid outdoor activities during the hottest times of the day; reschedule or plan them for the cooler times of the day
  • Wear loose fitting, light-coloured clothing made of breathable fabric
  • Never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle or in direct sunlight
  • Take a break from the heat by spending a few hours in a cool place, such as a tree-shaded area, swimming facility, or an air conditioned spot, such as a public building, shopping mall, grocery store, or public library
  • Take cool showers or baths until you feel refreshed
  • Prepare meals that don’t need to be cooked in your oven
  • Block sun out by closing curtains or blinds during the day
  • Avoid sun exposure. Shade yourself by wearing a wide-brimmed, breathable hat or by using an umbrella.

For more information:

  • On weather conditions:
    • Visit Government of Canada or follow Environment Canada on Twitter @ECAlertON116 (Stratford) or @ECAlertON51 (North Perth)
  • For information on staying healthy during heat warnings:
    • Call Health Line at 519-271-7600 or toll-free at 1-877-271-7348 extension 267
    • Visit Extreme Heat on our website
    • Follow the Health Unit on Facebook and Twitter