As of September 1st, 2017, the Perth District Health Unit no longer provides travel health services. This includes phone and in-person advice (including food and water safety) and clinics for travel vaccines. The discontinuation of travel health services is due to changes in mandatory programming for public health units in Ontario. Travel health is no longer a requirement in the new public health standards.

You can get travel health advice and vaccines from:

Pharmacies for anyone aged five and over:

  • Please remember most travel vaccines are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) (which means you will have to pay a fee). You may also need a prescription from your family physician.

Dr. John Fitzsimons from the Stratford Family Health Team:

  • You can call his office at 519-273-4993. Please note you do not need to be a patient of the Stratford Family Health Team.

Nearby private travel health clinics:

  • Kitchener:
    • Passport Health (684 Belmont Avenue West, Suite 304 – Call 519-749-3372)
    • Kitchener-Waterloo Healthy Living Travel Clinic (1360 Weber Street East – Call 519-893-6060)
  • Waterloo:
    • After Hours On Call Travel Clinic (149 Union Street East – Call 226-808-3196)
    • Kitchener-Waterloo Travel Clinic (570 University Avenue East, Suite 902 – Call 519-570-4208)
    • Travel Clinic at The Boardwalk (430 The Boardwalk Suite #107 – Call 519-585-0100)
    • The Medical Clinic (124 Weber Street South – Call 519-576-2680)
  • London:
    • London Travel Clinic (520 Sarnia Road – Call 519-432-5508)
    • Middlesex-London Health Travel Clinic (50 King Street – Call 519-663-3395)
    • Passport Health London Travel Clinic (111 Waterloo Street, Unit 204 – Call 519-931-2188)
    • Hyde Park Medical and Walk-in Clinic (640 Hyde Park Road, Unit 4 – Call 519-641-3627)

Please note that travel vaccines and consultations are not covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) (which means you will have to pay a fee).

Contact information is accurate as of June 2017.

Online Sources for Travel Health Information