Perth District Health Unit Board

Multipurpose Rooms – Health Unit

April 17th, 2019 at 9:30 am


1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Pecuniary Interest

3. Adopt the Minutes from meeting dated March 20th, 2019

4. Closed Meeting – personal matters

5. Business Arising.

a. Transition Team Update

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

6. New Business

a. Ontario Public Health Standards – Program Standards at Perth District Health Unit – presented by Donna Taylor, Director of Health Protection

b. 2019 Mileage Comparisons

c. Board Policy 2-20 Mission Statement

d. Board Policy 2-30 Goals and Objectives

e. Board Policy 2-40 Health Unit Values

7. Business Administrator Report – Julie Pauli

a. Account Transactions – March 2019

b. Financial Report – March 31st, 2019

c. 2018 Human Resource Stats

d. 2018 Audited Financial Statements

e. 2019 Insurance Renewal

f. Conflict of Interest

8. Medical Officer of Health Report – Dr. Miriam Klassen

9. Correspondence

a. Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health regarding Alcohol Choice and Convenience Roundtable Discussions

b. Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health regarding Support of Immunizations and the electronic medical record (EMR) and Division of Housing and Intergovernmental Relations (DHIR) Integration Project

c. Association of Local Public Health Agencies regarding 2019 Winter Symposium Proceedings

d. Association of Local Public Health Agencies regarding 2019 Fitness Challenge for Board of Health Members

e. Windsor-Essex regarding Adult and Senior Oral Health Program

f. Windsor-Essex regarding Opioid Crisis

g. Perth District Health Unit regarding Support for the Association of Local Public Health Agencies Position on Alcohol Choice and Convenience and Call for a Provincial Alcohol Strategy

h. Simcoe Muskoka regarding Improving and Maintaining the Health of the People

i. Toronto regarding Toronto Indigenous Overdose Strategy

j. Soutwestern regarding Vision Screening

k. Peterborough regarding Bill 60 (An Act to amend the Ministry of Community and Social Services Act to Establish the Social Assistance Research Commission)

l. Peterborough regarding Healthy Babies Healthy Children Funding

m. Premier of Ontario regarding Support for provincial Oral Health Program for Low-Income Adults and Seniors

n. Association of Municipalities of Ontario – 2019 Ontario Budget Highlights

o.  Association of Local Public Health Agencies regarding 2019 Ontario Budget, Protecting What Matters Most

10. Date of next meeting – Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

11. Adjournment

12. Public Announcements

13. Education Session – Vector Borne Disease – presented by Stephanie Carlisle, Public Health Inspector