Perth District Health Unit Board

Multipurpose Rooms – Health Unit

April 18th, 2018 at 9:30 am


1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Pecuniary Interest

3. Adopt the Minutes from meeting dated March 21st, 2018

4. Closed Meeting if necessary

5. Business Arising

a. Amalgamation Steering Group Update – Minutes January 18th, 2018

b. Comparison of Mileage Rates

6. New Business

a. Insurance Renewal

b. Registration Open for 2018 Association of Local Public Health Agencies Annual Conference, June 10th to 12th

7. Business Administrator Report – Julie Pauli

a. Account Transactions – March 2018

b. Financial Report – March 31st, 2018

c. 2017 Human Resources Stats

d. 2017 Audited Financial Statements

8. Medical Officer of Health Report – Dr. Miriam Klassen

9. Correspondence

a. Association of Local Public Health Agencies Summary 2018 Budget

b. Association of Local Public Health Agencies Response – 2018 Ontario Budget

c. Hastings Prince Edward regarding Dedicated Funding for Local Public Health Agencies From Cannabis Sales Taxation Revenue

10. Date of next meeting – Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

11. Adjournment

12. Public Announcements

13. Education Session