Perth District Health Unit Board

Multipurpose Rooms – Health Unit

October 18th, 2017 at 9:30 am



1. Approval of the Agenda.

2. Pecuniary Interest.

3. Adopt the minutes from meeting dated September 20th, 2017.

4. Closed Meeting – labour relations and legal matters.                      .

5. Business Arising.

a. Amalgamation Steering Group Update

6. New Business

a. Report of the Finance and Personnel Committee dated October 18th, 2017

b. Provincial Representative

c. Board Luncheon

d. United Way Campaign

e. Staff Report – The Food Environment in Recreation Settings

f. Staff Report – Expert Panel (to follow)

g. Board Policy 4-10 Staffing of Health Unit

h. Board Policy 4-50 Personnel Files

i. Perth 2017 Indicator Summary Table

7. Business Administrator Report – Julie Pauli

a. Account Transactions – September 2017

b. Financial Report – September 30th, 2017

c. Comparison of Mileage Rates

d. Forms – Conflict of Interest and Declaration of Confidentiality

8. Medical Officer of Health Report – Dr. Miriam Klassen

9. Correspondence

a. Peterborough regarding Legalization of Cannabis

b. Middlesex-London regarding Fluoride Varnish Programs for Children at Risk for Dental Caries

c. Ontario Oral Health Alliance Report on Access to Public Dental Programs

d. Association of Local Public Health Agencies regarding 2017 Fall Symposium

e. Health System Integration

10. Date of next meetings

  • Wednesday, November 15th, 2017
  • Finance and Personnel Committee

11. Adjournment.

12. Public Announcements.

13. Education Session

  • Baby Friendly Initiative Training – presented by Glenda Blair, Public Health Nurse.